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Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology by and for PP Professionals. It consists of Theory, Practice, Organizations and Events.

Real difference is made when PP theory is put into practice. They provide insight into doing just that. Positive psychology is the practice you have been looking for!

ProtioSport Agency

ProtioSport Agency ensures and takes care of all aspects surrounding during these negotiations.

Based on a vision of their partners’ long-term career targets and future objectives, their players’ intermediaries responsibility for contract and transfer negotiations with clubs both domestically and overseas. 

Digitality Expert

Digitality Expert is the modern effective online teaching platform that gives a Result, Confidence and Professional Skills.

Digitality Expert teaches the most actual knowledge in the Digital World and helps to become a Digital Coach.

English Expert 4U

English Expert 4U is an online-based school of English that provides high-quality education and immersion into the world of English.

EE4U Experts and Native Speakers help Students learn the language and reach their goals: advance in career, pass English exams, travel, or just have fun!

Shirley Parsons

Shirley Parsons is the global leaders in HSEQ recruitment, search, and staffing services.

They are an ever-growing global HSEQ talent network built on long-term relationships, industry knowledge, and geographic expansion.

Identify Group

Identify is a portfolio investment and support services company in the HSEQ and Telco sectors.

Identify Group emplos almost 100 career staff and deploy a further 300 project staff working on Telco and HSEQ projects around the globe.


HatchAsia is a root for the businesses they work with. They go the extra mile, so your company can gain that extra might.

Transactional relationships bore them. Be it payroll or outsourcing, leave it to them to sort out all your people issues from end to end, so you can focus on taking care of business.

Positive Psychology Program

The Positive Psychology Toolkit© is a science-based, online platform
containing 200+ exercises, activities, interventions, questionnaires and assessments.

It’s designed for people who are passionate about helping others improve their lives in meaningful ways, by applying positive psychology.

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